edition of the Forum




1.Here comes the new and better!

A new venue, Professional Evening with Industry, management workshops, dedicated training courses - these are just some of the novelties which await the participants of the nineteenth edition of Sports & Business Forum SPORTBIZ. The goal remains unchanged - professionalization and development of sports marketing and sponsoring. We hope that you will like our changes and the programme itself! It is time for a new opening of Polish sports!


2.Stationary + On-line = SPORTBIZ!

To meet the expectations of SPORTBIZ Forum participants, we provide the organization of the conference in a hybrid formula. We will combine the traditional form of meeting in three conference rooms along with remote participation. Even If you buy an online package, you can change your mind and decide on a stationary mode. There is a possibility to change tickets both ways until the end of registration, at your service!


3.Juicy content, no sales!

"SPORTBIZ TOP!", as the President of the Polish Football Association said. We expect from our speakers a massive amount of substantive content and knowledge in a nutshell. We say "Thank you very much" to sales presentations. Thanks to the dedicated conference application, it is you who will decide which lectures have made the biggest impression on you. 30 recognized experts of the sports sector in Europe will appear on stage.


4.Only quality content

We, too, are participants and we want to use the acquired knowledge ourselves, making full use of the experts’ background. The speakers at the SPORTBIZ Forum 2021 are award-winning sports promoters leading in Europe. The conference and workshop programme has been designed on the basis of your suggestions and ideas. Let us all together create a vision of sports management for the next few years!


5.Sport event with an edge

We don't have to use expressions such as "The biggest", "The most Interesting" oraz "The best". We believe it is! We host the biggest sponsors and over 350 participants every year! The new formula of the event provides an even greater possibility to broaden horizons. At the SPORTBIZ Forum 2021 we meet key sports representatives who receive practical knowledge for the taking. We create a positive image of the world of sports!


6.World speakers, let's join together!

So far we have hosted as many as eighty-six foreign speakers from the world of sports and business. The entire sporting Europe has been with us. Every year, we welcome representatives of sports organizations, sponsors and sports marketing agencies from the continent. This year, speakers in Warsaw will include an Icelander, a Slovenec and... a Lebanese!


7.SPORTBIZ needs no introduction

19th edition - it sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it? Since 2002, with the Sports Marketing Days and Sport & Business Forum, we have been focusing on the professionalization of the sports sector emphasizing the role of organizations and sponsors in sports. Over 5700 participants from 24 countries have already taken part in all the 18 editions. SPORTBIZ Forum is covered by national and professional media.


8.One place, many possibilities

SPORTBIZ Forum schedule is full from morning to evening! For the first time ever, participants will combine conference, SPORTBIZ EXPO Fair, Professional Evening with Industry, workshops, Sport & Business Gala participation with accommodation! The modern, four-star Arche Hotel Krakowska allows us to integrate from beginning to end! We will see you in Warsaw, we cannot wait!


9.Let's talk!

One of the most important elements of the event is networking. During the SPORTBIZ Forum, participants build and cement relationships with representatives of the world of sports and business, reach out to decision-makers and managers, and meet with friends. Together we co-create a meeting for the sports management sector. On the second day we divide into workshop groups, ensuring interactive character of the meetings!


10.Nothing is impossible to a willing heart

How many conferences have we been sitting and using our smartphones at. Surely there have been times when you just wanted to leave? And you can buy an active participation from us! In-depth analyses, case studies and stories of success and failure. The slogan "juicy content" is not a coincidence. If, in your opinion, there is still something missing... then the floor is yours! This year there is an open recruitment for speakers! Try your hand in front of our audience!


11.How much SPORTBIZ is in SPORTBIZ?

The SPORTBIZ Forum 2021 is not just about leading experts at conferences and workshops. It is also SPORTBIZ EXPO fair with interesting offers for the sports sector, Professional Evening, the 17th Sports and Business Gala, during which we present Sports Business Awards - the most prestigious awards in the sports marketing sector. Sounds interesting? Feel free to come!


12.Who would like to get a briefcase?

A characteristic element of our event - an orange-purple-blue-green folder with SPORTBIZ Forum materials. Each participant of the event will receive a conference starter pack from us. Everyone! We do not forget about our remote guests! We plan to deliver the folder before the start of the conference.


13.Safety first!

We are committed to making our event safe for all attendees in every possible way. Last year's SPORTBIZ Forum 2020 showed us how to "re-organize" an event for over 300 guests in one place. We were up to the task last September. This year, we will ensure that all safety standards are maintained, too. We are ready for it!


14.But that's not all!

We are giving away offers - buying entrance tickets including PREMIUM CONFERENCE, WORKSHOPS and VIP packages, you will receive 60-day access to recordings of SPORTBIZ Forum Debate 2020 on VOD platform, worth 119.00 PLN! What's more! Encouraged? Keep scrolling to check the program and speakers!


Tuesday, October 19

We start the first day of the event with a conference in three dedicated thematic Forums. International experts in sports management will provide valuable knowledge and specific solutions for representatives of sports organizations, sports sponsors and members of local government. After the conference, we would like to invite you to Professional Evening with Industry - Forum participants have the opportunity for direct contact, discussions about the world of sports and business and to tighten relations.


Michał Pyda (Poland)

Robert Lubański (Poland)

Marcin Przyłębski (Poland)

Bartosz Malaka (Poland)

Łukasz Panfil (Poland)


CENA 70 €
115 €
135 €
400 €
Conference - 19.10
Coffee break
14 days of access
after the conference
Catering in VIP area
Participation in
Professional Evening (19.10)
+ 30€ + 30€
Participation in
17th Sport & Business Gala (20.10)
+ 80€ + 80€
CENA 70 €
115 €
135 €
400 €

Professional Evening - 19.10
30 EUR
A Professional Evening will be cherry on top during the first day. It will be held at the Impresja hotel restaurant. Forum participants have a unique opportunity for integration, relaxation time and backstage talks. Partners of Polish sports will be awarded during the Professional Evening. We invite the sports and business environment!

17th Sport & Business Gala - 20.10
80 EUR
The 17th Sports and Business Gala is an event during which the Sports Business Awards - the most prestigious awards in the sports industry - will be granted. They promote people and institutions that through their activities have a direct contribution to the development of Polish sports. During the Gala, we will select winners in 13 categories who implemented the best projects and marketing activities in the area of sports and business.


Strategic Partner

Main Partner

Honorary Patronage


Educational Partner

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Arche Hotel Krakowska

This year's edition is distinguished by its comprehensiveness - participants can take part in the conference, the SPORTBIZ EXPO fair, the Professional Evening, workshops and the Sports and Business Gala in one place, along with accommodation! The modern, four-star Arche Hotel Krakowska is located near important transportation hubs, close to the Warszawa Zachodnia Railway Station and right next to Chopin Airport.
Arche Hotel Krakowska is a modern, ArtDeco inspired, comfortable facility. It can accommodate over 700 guests at a time, who have the opportunity to relax in comfortably furnished rooms.

How to get there?

Arche Hotel Krakowska can be reached directly by bus and streetcar. The "Hynka" bus stop for lines 141, 189, 328, 401 and streetcars 7, 9, 15.
We have provided a set of rooms for SPORTBIZ Forum participants, which can be booked through our registration form.

Dominik Kajzerski
Project Manager
+48 508-670-149
Bartłomiej Stolarz
Sales & Marketing Specialist
+48 511-076-475