Kamil Bolek

Marketing Director, LifeTube

Expert on the use of branding influencers, marketing director at LifeTube - the largest single-language YouTube content network in Europe. Previously, head of communication at indaHash - an international platform for co-operation with influencers. PR-men and psychologists fascinated by changes in media consumption, communication sciences and decision-making. Speaker of many industry conferences, author and lecturer.


The largest multi-channel YouTube network in Central and Eastern Europe. We currently have 420 video creators. The total number of subscriptions in our network has exceeded 56 million, and LifeTube creators generate an average of 510 million impressions per month. We produce video. We know everything about YouTube. We deal with the management of top influencers - YouTube stars - and we create channels for brands, allowing them to build their own audience. We carry out comprehensive campaigns with influencers. We advise in the field of video marketing and training. We are a certified YouTube partner and leader of influencer marketing in Poland.

Website: www.lifetube.pl


godz. 12:45 – 13:45

Co-operation of influencers with sports brands.