Kamil Koniuszewski

Deputy Director, Gdańsk Sports Center

One of the largest budget units in Poland specialized in the implementation of the tasks of the municipality connected with physical culture. He manages day-to-day operations related to:

- sporting events,

- development of the sports environment in Gdańsk by supporting the implementation of sports clubs,

- management of the urban swimming pool,

- international cooperation in the field of EU projects.

Gdańsk Sports Center

A municipal, specialized unit whose mission is to create an active local society. GOS operates through professional management of sports infrastructure such as football stadiums, rugby, athletics, urban swimming pools, speedway stadiums, city hall, etc., but also manages a marina network, a naval quayship and is a sailor general of Zaruski. In addition, he manages the beaches in Gdańsk, through the implementation and implementation of the beach development plan and the implementation of bathing in the summer. In addition, it carries out international projects and a huge number of sports events such as the Gdańsk Marathon, Westerplatte, Gdańsk Biega, Run to the Springs, football tournaments, basketball, nordic walking tournaments, regattas, Triathlon Gdansk and more. ), so much support.

Strona internetowa: www.sportgdansk.pl


Marek Urbaniak

Inspector of the promotion department, Gdynia Sports Centre

Marketer, sports enthusiast, triathlete. Graduate of marketing at the University of Gdańsk and postgraduate studies in project management. He worked for such brands as T-Mobile, Fa Men, Pudliszki and events such as Red Bull Air Race, UEFA EURO U21, Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days or PKO Grand Prix Gdynia. For nearly 5 years he has been active in promoting sport and physical activity in the Gdynia Sports Center. His motto is the Norwegian sailor Thora Heyerdahl: "Borders? I have never seen anyone but heard that they exist in the minds of some people."

Gdynia Sports Centre

The operator of the urban sport in Gdynia. It manages buildings such as the City Stadium, the Gdynia Arena sports arena and city beaches. He organizes sports events and coordinates the city's promotion through sport, cooperating with sports clubs and organizers of events, among others. Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia or Gdynia Aerobaltic. He is responsible for the construction of sports and recreational facilities.

Strona internetowa: www.gdyniasport.pl


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How to build a sports brand of the region using events, sports clubs and residents.