Sports Business Awards promote people and institutions whose activities make a direct contribution to the development of Polish sports. The professional cooperation of business with sports circles enables the full development of sports and, thanks to that, Polish sportspeople can become known in the international arena. Sports Business Awards reward those who contribute to the development of the relationship between sports and business to the greatest extent.

The award ceremony has a rich, thirteen-year tradition. It is not only an important moment for award winners, but also a key meeting of sports business - it gathers the best of the best.

This year's Gala will be held on 22 March 2018 at Olympic Centre of the Polish Olympic Committee in Warsaw.


Sports Image

Nowadays in sports, the greatness of a sportsperson is not only measured by their results, but also by their popularity and image. The DEMES awards in the Sports Image category are given to sportspeople/trainers who have been successful in sports and through skilful image creation, they become idols of masses. Sports mastery confirms outstanding personality traits, whereas popularity and an ability to inspire masses prove a remarkable personality as well as a professional approach to work.

Apart from skills to keep their or their team’s best form, media coverage and successful advertising contracts determine success in modern sports. The following factors are of great importance:

  • personality,
  • success in sports,
  • image creation,
  • media coverage and promotion, including the use of the Internet,
  • quality of sponsorship.

Sports Sponsor

The DEMES awards in the Sports Sponsor category are for Sponsors who completed a project in the most interesting and best way, and in accordance with the rules of the professional sponsorship program. The success of a project, thus of both a sponsor and a sponsoree, does not depend on ‘the extent’ of sponsorship itself, but on its quality and effectiveness of PR activities as well as their long-term nature.
In the Sports Sponsor category, the marketing side of sponsorship is mainly assessed: creativity, effectiveness and quality of information presented by the media, expressed through:

  • innovative project character and concept,
  • choice of sposored subject- correlated with a sposor's,
  • preparation of the media strategy,
  • project completion method,
  • use of new technologies,
  • visualisation,
  • extent to which sponsorship goals are achieved,
  • effectiveness of marketing and PR activities concerning a project,
  • sponsoree development,
  • discipline popularization,
  • use of sponsoree's image.

Sports Organization

Changes in the way of communicating with supporters taking place in Poland are specially noticeable in functioning of sports associations and clubs in professional leagues in our country. Sports associations and federations should play a key role in promotion, popularization and development of a given sport discipline.
The DEMES Award in this category should honour a sports organization which does not only build its brand based on successes in sports, but it mainly stands out in terms of the process of professionalization of management and setting trends in development on the basis of suitable marketing activities. Determinants in this category are:
  • marketing activity innovation,
  • relationship with audience,
  • cooperation with sponsors,
  • media exposure,
  • external relation management.

Sports Facility

In recent years in Poland, people talk about a boom in sports facilities construction industry. Cities and sports clubs together create sports infrastructure which until now has been a huge problem to sports development. Thanks to their size, quality and design, newly-built facilities are increasingly often visited, which is connected with sports promotion.
Thanks to the use of right technological solutions, multifunctionality of facilities increases which gives completely new possibilities how to use them - they are not only intended to be places for doing sports, but they are becoming more universal in terms of their purpose. Proper management of facilities enables using them to organize, among other things, concerts, shows and other events. It is also very important to ensure safety in sports arenas, which was difficult to do in the past.
The DEMES Awards in the Sports Facility category are given to the best and most modern facilities assessed in accordance with such criteria as:
  • multifunctionality,
  • effective management of a sports facility,
  • attractiveness of organized events,
  • safety.

Sports Event

The success of a sports event depends on many factors - from efficient organization to effective marketing. Professionally-organized and prestigious sports events create an appropriate image of Polish sports and make starting an international career for Polish sportspeople easier. They promote sports and long-lasting sponsorship relations and as a result they contribute to the development of Polish sports in their modern form.
The DEMES Awards in the Sports Event category reward events which, thanks to organizers’ determination, sponsors’ cooperation and supporters’ approval, have become important in the Polish and European world of sports. The assessment is based on such elements as:
  • prestige of a sports event,
  • media coverage of a sports event,
  • promotion and marketing,
  • cooperation with sponsors,
  • organization,
  • cyclical nature of an event.

Media Personality

Common interest in sport makes it become constantly observed by the media. Not only do sportspeople have to adapt to it, but also journalists and sports commentators who have a great influence on creating public feelings. On the other hand, the development of the Internet results in the fact that the discussion about sport is increasingly often held by means of social media.
The DEMES Award in the Media Personality category is given to a journalist or a sports commentator who is a model for novice journalists and is valued by sports supporters and people connected with journalism. The Media Personality is a person who comments sports events in a highly interesting way, is characterized by dynamic expression and can pass on the their knowledge effectively. The Media Personality should be an active user of modern media and should be able to communicate with the audience directly. When selecting the winner in that category, the following aspects are assessed:
  • appearance,
  • knowledge of sports,
  • versatility,
  • media coverage,
  • interaction with audience.

Active Society

Sport is a very significant element of social life. The professional one arouses public interest, whereas amateur sport enables the development and integration of society through teaching respect, fair play and teamwork. Nevertheless, in recent years it is more often said that physical activity among Poles, and among children and teenagers in particular, has been decreasing.
At the same time, however, there are more and more projects and initiatives aimed at encouraging society to do sports and increase its physical activity. These projects, both commercial and non-commercial ones, enjoy great popularity and positively influence the physical condition of society. Sports Business Award in the Active Society category should reward the best project which emphasises the significance of sports in the integration and development of society. Projects in this category are assessed in accordance with the following criteria:

  • project range,
  • project popularity,
  • cooperation with partners and sponsors,
  • innovative approach to involvement in sports,
  • project media coverage,
  • local effect,
  • skilful communication and project promotion.

Marketing Campaign

Values that sport promotes as well as its amazing ability to stimulate emotions determine its great marketing attractiveness. Sports marketing potential is very frequently used in business in order to promote products and services as well as by sports organizations, i.e. associations and clubs.
The DEMES Award in the Sports Marketing Campaign category is given to a selected club, organization, company or marketing agency which has conducted specially distinctive marketing activities which, in an innovative and creative way, have used possibilities that sports give in terms of promotion. When assessing candidates, the following aspects are taken into consideration:

  • campaign range,
  • popularity,
  • innovation and originality,
  • campaign effectiveness,
  • campaign interactivity,
  • use of modern technologies,
  • campaign multichannel marketing.

Sports Video

Trends in world marketing cause that promotional methods become more and more advanced and innovative. In the case of sport and its specificity, promotion with the use of videos enjoy particular popularity as they can show activity, movement, dynamics and energy - features inextricably linked with sport. Moreover, video marketing gives a great chance to show emotions which are the essence of sport.
In the Sports Video category, the award is given to a club, association, organization or agency which have prepared the most interesting video promoting a product, service or event. In that category, the following elements are assessed:
  • visual and aesthetic attractiveness,
  • originality,
  • unconventional approach,
  • promotion effectiveness,
  • common receipt of promotional activities, including popularity.

Social Media

A traditional approach to marketing increasingly often stops to be applicable in business. The development of the Internet makes previous promotional forms less effective as consumer expectations and needs change. In order to be able to fully respond to them, organizations have to adapt to changes entering the complex world of social media and online marketing.

These changes also concern any organizations whose activities are connected with sport - no matter if it is a club, association, sports equipment producer or even a sportsperson. Their presence in social media becomes one of key areas of activity, especially promotional ones. The DEMES Award in the Social Media category is given to honour an active presence in the web, an ability to interact and improvement of a brand through the use of possibilities given by the new media. When selecting the winner, the following factors are taken into consideration:

  • quality of activities,
  • interaction with fans,
  • innovative approach,
  • originality,
  • range,
  • image,
  • consistent activities,
  • multichannel marketing.

Special Category: Honorary DEMES

It will be awarded by the organizers to a person or institution that through its activities contributes to the development of sport, builds its positive image and through activities in the field of sports marketing, recognizes and respects the sports environment throughout the country.

Special Category: Foreign DEMES

Year by year Sports Marketing Days are increasingly international in nature, which can be confirmed by the ISRM Best Practice Awards. This is an extremely valuable distinction encouraged the organizers to extend the concept of Sport Business Awards, by granting Foregin DEMES Award to a person, company or institution that contributes to the professional management of sports, skillfully uses a sports marketing purposes in another country, or significantly influences the development of international sports marketing.

Special Category: Sports Experience of the Year

Professional sporting events play an useful role in creating positive reception among observers. However,the most important, are the emotions that sport arouses in us. "Sports Experience of the Year" is defined as an event in the Polish sport, which was most strongly rooted in the fans' awareness.


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