Does a printed advertisement among many multimedia advertisements still make sense? We answer: definitely yes!

In the dynamically changing reality, we spend a lot of time looking for necessary information every day. We are publishing the premiere edition of the SPORTBIZ 2021 industry catalog, which is an indispensable compendium on companies providing services in sports and business sectors. The catalog is divided into individual industries, and within each industry there is a group of companies sorted alphabetically to facilitate your search for specific items. We invite you to cooperate with us!

Application form

General information:
  • Form: printed and on-line
  • Folder format: 210 x 297 mm (A4)
  • Circulation: 1000 copies (including all participants of the SPORTBIZ 2021 Sport & Business Forum)
Forms of participation:
  • Entries (text frames): the content of the frame consists of the company name, logo, full address data, optional business profile up to 1000 characters with spaces
  • Modular advertisements
Modular ads sizes:
  • Full page: 190 x 277 mm (frame) lub 216 x 303 mm (bleed)
  • ½ page: 190 x 139 mm (frame) lub 216 x 152 mm (bleed)
  • ¼ page: 190 x 70 mm (frame) lub 216 x 77 mm (bleed)
  • ⅛ page: 109 x 77 mm (bleed)
In order to be published in the catalog, the following information must be submitted via e-mail:
  • Company name and full address details
  • Business profile (up to 1000 characters with spaces)
  • Logos and advertisements (300 ppi resolution) in the following formats: jpg, png, pdf
  • Ads in 300 ppi resolution in the following formats: jpg, png, pdf
Pricing - entry:
  • Base entry 1/4 page: 60,00 PLN netto
  • Extended entries ¼ page: 120,00 PLN netto
  • Each additional basic and extended entry on ¼ page: 60,00 PLN netto
Price list - advertising:
  • ⅛ page: 300,00 PLN netto
  • ¼ page: 500,00 PLN netto
  • ½ page: 800,00 PLN netto
  • full page: 1500,00 PLN netto
  • logotype on page cover (max. 4 logos): 2000,00 PLN netto
  • second page: 2000,00 PLN netto
  • penultimate page: 2500,00 PLN netto
  • last page: 3500,00 PLN netto

Catalog entries are placed in alphabetical order by industry. Submitted entries are sent for authorization; if approval is not received within seven days of shipment, the entry is deemed correct and ready for printing. The content of the entry is the responsibility of the ordering party. The placement of cover advertisements is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit any changes in writing only.


Bartłomiej Stolarz
SPORTBIZ EXPO 2021 coordinator